Sony Ass-Elbow Shocker: Hong Kong & Taiwan Getting PS3 This Month After…

In what is a hell of a turnaround even by Sony's standards, the beleaguered Tokyo giant has announced that it really is going to bestow the PlayStation 3 upon the peoples of Hong Kong and Taiwan on November 17 after all. It had previously stated that those countries would have to bide their time alongside our European… » 11/02/06 8:50pm 11/02/06 8:50pm

WID101 Makes Monitors Wireless

You've got a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and wireless speakers, so why are you still connecting to your monitor with a cable? What are you, some kind of luddite? You need a wireless monitor connector, like the new WID101 from Teq Gear. This device connects the DVI port on your PC to the one on your monitor over… » 10/26/06 9:23pm 10/26/06 9:23pm

Neeerds In Spppaccee!

It must be the dream of every nerd to get into orbit, but one lucky bastiche is going to fly: Former Microsoftie Charles Simonyi is now training to be the next space tourist to the International Space Station. The self-described nerd (who lead the teams that developed Word and Excel, and is thus richer than the rest… » 10/26/06 9:03pm 10/26/06 9:03pm

CNET Writer Gets Nabaztag, Fails to Fall In Love

CNET writer Daniel Terdiman is a cruel, heartless sort of dude: he got a Nabaztag (one of those electronic bunnies that reads you the news and wiggles its ears), but completely failed to fall in love with the floppy eared technological marvel:
» 10/26/06 6:56pm 10/26/06 6:56pm

If you want to send him some bunny love to put him back on track, his…

Handy Halloween Projects

Halloween is just a few days away, but that still leaves time to build yourself a geek costume or buy yourself an animatronic scary cat. If you're looking for inspiration, the Monsterlist of Halloween projects has links to hundreds of Halloween related props and projects that you can build, ranging from a $20 fog… » 10/26/06 4:43pm 10/26/06 4:43pm

Tech Tease: Whose Tablet Is That?

So here's your chance to indulge in the sort of idle speculation that makes the tech publishing world fun. Which big vendor is teasing a new tablet PC today in closed door briefings? Hint: it'll come in any color you like, as long as it's black. Your guesses, please, in the comments... » 10/26/06 2:54pm 10/26/06 2:54pm

720P Projector For Under A Grand

Silly me, thinking that 720p projectors were big, expensive things that only people with a paycheck more frequent than us freelance writers could afford; The Optoma HD70 DLP projector costs under a thousand bucks. Sure, it only does 720p when the really fancy ones do 1080p, but it's cheap, and according to… » 10/26/06 2:17pm 10/26/06 2:17pm

Slingbox Pro Review: Its For Pros

Do you sneer at non-professional products, dismissing them with a snort of "amateurs!" Then the Slingbox Pro is for you: it adds more inputs and the ability to act as a pass-through device (very useful if your satellite or cable box only has one output). There's also an optional high def component video input, and PC… » 10/26/06 2:03pm 10/26/06 2:03pm

Intel/Yahoo to Tap Quanta For Butt-Ugly New UMPC

According to the briefest morsels of info leaking out of the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, the long-rumored collaboration between Intel and Yahoo to produce their own UMPC device has finally borne fruit in the shape of that rust-colored contraption you see above. » 10/19/06 5:47am 10/19/06 5:47am

No Atlantic Crossing for the Radio-Controlled Spirit of St. Louis…

The real Spirit of St. Louis that Charles Lindbergh used to scoot across the Atlantic in 1927 may be hanging in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, but that's no reason not to covet the 80th anniversary (yeah, they're on the ball here) radio-controlled model from Toys "R" Us-Japan. » 10/17/06 5:55am 10/17/06 5:55am

Identity-Crisis MP3 Player Thinks It's a Cellphone

The onboard memory in Cowon's new iAUDIO F2 audio player may max out at a piddly 2GB, but wow – don't it look just like a cellphone? Gimmick-hungry gadget fans in Japan may be in for a shock, however, as the F2 has more than just its looks going for it. Aside from the usual MP3, WMA (DRM10) and WAV playback, the… » 10/17/06 5:19am 10/17/06 5:19am

Sony Bean-Counters Tremble as own Vaio Batteries Come Home to Roost

It was kinda inevitable that Sony would end up recalling its own Vaio batteries, which is precisely what's just happened in Japan, but it's a bit more of a surprise to hear that the company is going to fess up to the dirty great hole the Batterygate fiasco is sure to blow in its bottom line. » 10/17/06 4:39am 10/17/06 4:39am

Build Your Own Mario Shrine, One Pixel at a Time

Japanese collectible toys are generally cool to the Nth degree, especially when based on either whippy turds or video games. In the latter category comes a brand new range of build-it-yourself mosaics from TomyTec, all of which depict classic Nintendo characters. » 10/13/06 7:25am 10/13/06 7:25am

Fujitsu Joins the "Look, No Hard Drive" Club

Later this month, hardcore gadget nerds in Asia will have a choice of three HDD-free laptops and one UMPC when Fujitsu joins Samsung and Sony in pimping portables with sturdy flash memory in place of feeble little spinny platters. » 10/13/06 4:51am 10/13/06 4:51am

Lonely Walkman Bluetooth Transmitter Spotted Skulking Around Sony Press…

Speaking of Sony, amid all the hoo-hah yesterday about the new Walkman lineup, did anyone even notice the Bluetooth transmitter that was also slipped out between those candy-colored confections? That's it hugging the end of the player in the pic for dear life (it can also be seen lurking at the foot of yesterday's… » 10/13/06 4:19am 10/13/06 4:19am